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Emoji reactions are now officially available in Gmail

Emoji reactions are now officially available in Gmail

Reply to emails with emoji reactions using the latest feature of the Gmail app on Android.

It’s a very strange feature that is now available for the Gmail app. Google is officially launching the new feature for the Android app after it appeared repeatedly over the past few months. It’s about expressive reactions to emails. The help page is now live ConnectedWhere the function is explained.

“Express yourself on your Android device and quickly respond to emails with emojis.”

The recipient sees an expressive interaction in the form of a new reply email. Unless the recipient also uses the Gmail app, interactions will be seamlessly integrated directly into emails. Otherwise, the integration of interactions is comparable to Google Messages, WhatsApp, and Co. Hence users will be able to use all emojis for interactions.

Google is now distributing emoji reactions for the Android app, according to American media I reported.

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