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GTA 6 game announcement today?  Fans want to find the answer in the lunar calendar

GTA 6 game announcement today? Fans want to find the answer in the lunar calendar

from Jonathan Harsh
The theories surrounding GTA VI’s official trailer are taking wilder forms than ever before. Fans are now comparing the moon in the GTA promotional image to the real celestial body to guess the date.

Slowly but surely, the theories surrounding GTA 6 have managed to overtake those of the Half-Life 3 aluminum hat faction. Today the slogan is once again: “When is GTA 6 coming?” According to some fans, soon. At least the official reveal should happen today. How do you know that? Thanks to a look at the lunar calendar.

That’s why fans believe GTA 6 will be revealed on October 3rd

Please wait, the journey will be difficult. It all started with a promotional screenshot for GTA Online. In this photo, two avatars celebrate the Moon Festival with new t-shirts. Behind them are the letters Vinewood, but only the V and I are clearly visible. The fact that the community sees a reference to GTA VI here is actually understandable and could be true. But that’s just down the rabbit hole.

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It is already known that Rockstar is working on a new part. But fans really want to know when it will finally be introduced to the public. Supposedly the answer is not in the stars, but in the moon. They both exist X (Twitter) as well as on Reddit Amateur astrologers compared the digital celestial body in the image with the real lunar calendar. Result: It’s a three-quarter waning moon. This can be observed on the ground right now (on October 2 and 3). That’s why the first trailer is expected to drop from the sky today.

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Another argument from the faithful: Games like GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 were also announced on Tuesdays in October. If this does not happen today, the next appropriate moon phase will occur on November 1st. The horror may have been over by then, because there is compelling evidence that Rockstar has released the first trailer for GTA 6.

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source: Gaming Radar