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Open Air Concert – New rock formation playing in Barnkopf

Open Air Concert – New rock formation playing in Barnkopf

The two locals came up with a creative band name for this performance: “Captain P. & The Sailors of Brauteicht”. Her stunning appearance in a rubber boat on a trailer, pulled by a lawn tractor, was also appropriate. Four of the band’s members had played here two years earlier as “Midnight Shows”: arranger and guitarist Gernot Hochstoger, bassist Georg Heider – both from Barnkopf, vocalist Leo Fries from Ruetten and drummer Michael Lloedl from Zwetel. New to this line-up was Zwettler Jakob Kainz (keyboard and guitar).

These five talented musicians have played a wide variety of rock and pop hits from previous decades, including AC/DC, CCR, Guns n’ Roses, Elvis Presley, Prince, Pink Floyd, and the Beatles, along with some country hits. For the most part, the titles sounded more or less true to the original, but some have also been reinterpreted, such as the hits “Red Lips Should Be Kissed” and “Marmor, Stein und Eisen ruptt” in rock versions. This fine collection featured Gernot Hochstoger with his electric guitar solos.

Young men from Barnkopf took care of supplying drinks and snacks. George Haidar thanked everyone who made this wonderful event possible in the good but cold weather. Even if three of the five musicians can be heard with the famous “Rock Knights”, it is hoped that this formation, which delighted many listeners, and which Leo Fries has already hinted at, will continue.

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