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Vernissage Burgschleinitz - Photos that "kick viewers off their feet"

Vernissage Burgschleinitz – Photos that “kick viewers off their feet”

With the exhibition “Satanic. Gentle – Good. And the Smiling Wine Angel” with landscape portraits by Reinhard Podolsky and wine sculptures by Fritz Gall, guests at Vernissage experience an exciting encounter between art, crafts, and regionalism.” We all know that feeling when we look intently at canvas portraits of their first landscapes. Once. There are photos that we think are “very nice.” And then there are photos, like the one by Reinhard Podolsky, that really remove the viewer’s socks,” said Sandra Mirosavljevic at the mediadesign “Land insicht” studio welcoming guests.

During the opening, synonymous musicians George Grazer and Clemens Bateman not only interpreted the music of J.B.T. Tillman in their own personal way, but also interpreted the well-known tunes of Astor Piazzola, the jazz fusion of John McLaughlin and even their own compositions. Johannes M. Tozar read among the musical contributions from Claude Monet’s letters to his wife, Alice. Richard Grassell, one of the country’s most prominent media managers, provided information about the artwork of Reinhard Podolsky and Fritz Gall and opened the exhibition.

Selling chocolates from Belle-ile for a donation will benefit two Ukrainian families currently residing in Eggenburg. Reinhard Podolsky’s scenic landscape paintings and wine sculptures by Fritz Gall are on display every Friday in July from 2pm to 8pm at the studio “Land insicht” in Burschlinitz, Bachgasse 1, where mediadesign is based. To visit with free entry.