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NöART – a lot to see in the new exhibition at Stadtkeller Neulengbach

NöART – a lot to see in the new exhibition at Stadtkeller Neulengbach

Lisa Back, Max Pohlmann, Jacqueline Chanton, Francesco Cicolella, Evelyn Klein, Henriette Linfellner, Gert Linke, Konstantin Loser, Jana Madzigun, Ray Malone, Roman Feifer, Tanja Prosnik, Antonia Riederer and Julia Wesley at the gala at Stadtkeller Neulengbach.


Focus on music (visual arts) – this is the theme of the exhibition that can currently be viewed at the Neulengbacher Stadtkeller.

City Councilor Maria Riegler welcomed curator Judith B. Fischer, Sophie Fischer from NöART, and Lower Austria State Head of Art and Culture Gabrielle Ecker, who opened the exhibition.

What was especially fun was that some of the participating artists were personally present and presented their works to the guests. Curator Judith B. Fisher emphasized the close relationship between music and visual arts, especially since most artists listen to music while working and are inspired to create new works.

Music can emphasize feelings, balance or invigorate emotions and create moods. Additionally, interaction with music can lead to independent works of art that can relate to the music thematically. One can explain it clearly as follows: a duality of color and sound, form and rhythm emerges.

The “Music in Focus” exhibition demonstrates how music can be a topic in the visual arts today. Instruments are “prepared” visually, and scores are interpreted through drawing and painting. Max Polman himself provided a music sample from one of the exhibits.

The exhibition can be viewed until 5 November, every Friday from 3pm to 6pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 12pm at Stadtkeller Neulengbach, Hauptplatz 2. Group visits can also be organised, outside of opening hours. Please register at the town hall with Stephanie Felhofer on 02772/52105 25.

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