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Oslo – Introduces red scale in schools and kindergartens in VG

The Oslo City Council is continuing drastic measures in the capital until March 25, with austerity measures for children and youth.


– The situation in Oslo is much worse now. Mutant genres have changed the rules of the game. City Councilor Raymond Johnson told a news conference today that the measures we have taken now are “time and time again” and do not seem to work anymore.

So the city council is modifying some of the relief that children and young people have received In mid-February.

– We now see that there are a lot of students in isolation around the city. At the yellow level, students have a lot of close relationships. Johansson says we need to drastically reduce the number of close contacts in schools.

These are the activities that will be introduced in Oslo on Wednesday, March 10th:

  • Red status in primary schools and kindergartens.
  • All indoor leisure activities for children and youth will be closed. Outdoors, leisure activities for children up to 10 people are allowed.

In addition, all existing activities in the capital will continue. These activities will last until March 25th.

See which actions apply now Overview of VG.

The case is being updated

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Melby will tighten up school activities

The red level does not mean closing schools, but increasing distance is introduced and students are divided into smaller groups.

– For kindergartens, the red level is short start-up times and children are small groups, says Inga Mart மார Thorkiltson, city councilor for culture and knowledge at a press conference at Oslo City Hall.

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Here is what red means in kindergarten, elementary schools, high schools and high schools:

Continues drastic measures

On Tuesday, March 2, operations took place in Oslo Sharply tightened.

Among other things, all the restaurants had to be closed except for the takeaway. High schools and adult education went red, and stores had to close, except for grocery stores, pharmacies and liquor stores.

In addition, organized outdoor leisure activities for adults over the age of 20 were encouraged, and people were asked to refrain from coming to private meetings and private homes, except for single individuals and children and youth in the same crowd.

The austerity measures that came last week initially lasted until Monday, March 15th. Now they will continue until Thursday, March 25th.

– If you say no to invitations, if you do not invite people to your home, you will contribute to reducing the infection, says Johansson.

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Stowner – Infectious airborne spot

283 New Corona Cases

According to Overview of VG The epidemic is on the rise in 53 Norwegian municipalities, including Oslo.

It was recorded on Monday 293 New Corona Cases In the capital.

There are 103 cases above the average for the previous seven days, which is 191, and this is one of the highest number recorded since the outbreak.

– We are now in the most challenging area of ​​epidemics. The highest daily and weekly statistics we have seen on these epidemics are in Oslo. From the 6th week to the 9th week, the infection has increased by almost 300 percent, Health Councilor Robert Stein told a news conference today.

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In the 9th week, Oslo tested 38,000 people, a new record.

– Yesterday, 7000 Oslo citizens were tested. There is more I Percentage of adult population, Stein says.

This is the development of the epidemic in Oslo since the outbreak. VG collects statistics from MSIS, which records the victims at the registered address. The municipality reports the number of victims / residents affected by the municipality, so MSIS figures may deviate from the municipality’s own statistics:

NIPH: Red dose recommended

Camila Stoltenberg, director of the National Institutes of Public Health, told the VG that after a government press conference earlier today, the FHI had suggested that red levels in schools and in kindergartens in districts be high.

– We met daily with schools in Oslo about what they do. We have advised that schools and kindergartens in districts with high incidence should go red. That’s it we don’t know if they’re going to end at 1pm now or if they’re going to do it in general. We don’t care if they do this in general, but we always aim to target actions a little more so that the population is not evacuated, ”Camila Stoltenberg told VG at the FGI after a government press conference.