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– This case is the biggest public criminal case in a long time … which means that it is really difficult to find open-minded people, Richard Fraz, a law professor at the Minnesota Law School, told the news site Axios.

There are several factors that make up the task of selecting an arbitral tribunal consisting of the twelve women and men sought in this case. The Govt-19 regulations and security review also help make the work set aside for another three weeks.

The trial is set to begin on March 29. He was prematurely killed after he grabbed George Floyd by the knee until he died last year.

Created demonstrations around the world

Nearly nine minutes before the death of police officer Derek Zhou, video footage of George Floyd kneeling around his neck sparked massive protests and demonstrations in the spring and summer of 2020. Suu Kyi pleaded not guilty.

The trial will not begin until March 29 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but until then, there will be intensive work to locate the jury members.

Arrests of protesters

Several protesters were arrested outside a courthouse in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Police in Minneapolis have been heavily strengthened prior to the trial, and there are fears of unrest in many parts of the United States if Suu Kyi is not convicted.

The arbitration hearing should have begun Monday, but was adjourned until Tuesday, as the trial court has asked for an adjournment because another court will consider whether the indictment should be transferred to deliberate negligence.

National Guard outside the courtroom

The National Guard was called in for fear of trouble outside the courtroom.

Photo: Nicholas Fifosi / Reuters

Had to fill out the form

In the coming weeks, potential judges will be questioned individually to find out if lawyers are open-minded. Unusually, there will be a personal inquiry.

The goal is not to find people who have not heard about the case, but to find judges who can hear impartial and open evidence and take a stand using the law.

– No matter what a potential arbitrator sees or hears, can they set it aside and base their decision on the evidence presented in court and the law that the judge provides them? Defense attorney Mary Moriarty told CNN.

Defendant Eric Nelson and former police officer Derek Suev were present during the selection of the arbitral tribunal.

Defendant Eric Nelson (left) and former police officer Derek Suev were present during Tuesday’s arbitration election.

Photo: A.P.

Potential arbitrators had to fill one in early December 16 page form with questions about their relevance. Here they had to answer questions about everything Media habits in view of the Black Lives Matter movement.

According to the New York Times, the defenders will be looking for candidates For a politically conservative and a strong police force, the government may want young, highly educated, liberal people.

Jury members may be disqualified for a number of reasonsAccording to Politico, when the case and the defendants go through the relevant candidates.

– Attorney Susan Gardner continued to tell the newspaper that you do not like jury members who are completely blank sheets because it means they do not follow the world:

– But what you want is for the members of the jury to put aside the opinions that have arisen before they enter the courtroom and ask both parties, he says.

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