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Oslo is now the capital of cultural temples

Oslo is now the capital of cultural temples

From museums to opera and library: Norway’s capital has developed into a city of culture.

In the dark room along with “The Scream”: everyone who visits the Munch Museum in Oslo, which opened in 2021 in the sensational new building that Oslo has also derided as a “railway watchdog”, will inevitably find it there. Then some will be disappointed. He wants to see the color plate, but: “Sorry,” says the guard, “check back later.” “when?” “In two or three hours. Maybe not until tomorrow.” That’s good to know ahead of time. Because although the Munch Museum, redesigned by German architect Jens Richter and modeled on the Greek letter lambda, houses three versions of “The Scream” – painting, drawing and print – due to sensitivity to light, they are only shown alternately, two versions immersed Always in the dark.

Dense and very dense: a wealth of images at the new Munch Museum.(c) Diederik Steinersen / Visit Oslo

The most famous version of the most famous painting by Norway’s most famous painter is not in existence anyway. But it’s at Nasjonalmuseet, Norway’s national museum of art, architecture and design, which has been housed in a massive new building since June. It is the latest in a stunning series of new “Temples of Culture” that are greatly increasing Oslo’s cultural appeal.

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