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New pop-up store in the main square: Velash has a record store again

New pop-up store in the main square: Velash has a record store again

Some will still remember the music store on Freihausgasse – it hasn’t been around for many years. Now friends of records downtown will get their money back again – if only for a few weeks.

flash. For months now, perhaps Villach’s smallest store, at Hauptplatz 1, has had an assortment of pop-up shops over four square metres. From children’s clothing to paper art. Lorenzo del Porto is currently selling records here. “I will be here from December to the end of January,” says the native Italian. The pop-up record store was an idea he wanted to give a shot. In the convenience store you can find recordings of famous musicians and bands – especially records that should not be missing in any good collection. “There’s a big comeback in records. It’s not just the music that counts, it’s the collectible aspect. The paintings are great things and also make perfect gifts,” says Del Porto.

Classics and hits

What he sells here very much matches his personal taste: “Classics like Talking Heads, The Cure or Miles Davis, but also the best of new music. I’m also happy to give advice, music is my passion, and if someone tells me what they like to hear – I can suggest something that might match.” with him.” In particular, Italians have countless records: “Here in Carinthia 400 pieces, but in Italy even more. I’ve been collecting records since I was a kid. My favorite music ranges from Jazz to Chemical Brothers, but I generally I like it very much and regularly review the best music out there.”

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