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Osram Night Breaker approved LED retrofit light

Osram Night Breaker approved LED retrofit light

OSRAM has a new LED update in its range: the H1 Night Breaker LED high beam headlight has been approved for 19 car models. These include vintage cars from Alfa Romeo to VW and modern used cars such as the Dacia Duster. Romanian SUVs from 2013 and, for example, the Opel Astra K, receive brighter high beams with H1 LED headlights. Classics like the Alfa Romeo Giulia shine more legally than ever before.


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That's what H1 LED modifications bring

Compared to halogen bulbs, LEDs shine a whiter light and use about half as much electricity – a huge advantage in a classic car with a weak electrical system. Osram specifies the color temperature of the light as “up to 6000 Kelvin.” Although the light is as bright as daylight, other road users should be less blinded. According to the manufacturer, the maximum permissible values ​​will be up to 40 percent lower. The service life is said to be up to five times that of an H1 halogen bulb. According to the listing, the kit with two H1 LED bulbs costs € 139.99, and models that receive a General Operating License (ABG) for H1, H4 and H7 LED retrofit bulbs can be found at the show and in the manufacturer's compatibility list.

Download Night Breaker DE vehicle list (October 2023)
(PDF, 0.67 MB)

09/16/2022 –LED headlights are now one of the most popular features on new cars. High-contrast lighting has long since replaced xenon light and is virtually superior to filament lamps in older models and basic equipment. The LED light, which is similar in color to daylight, also ensures better visibility and uses less electricity.

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LED update for classic cars
Are LEDs allowed to be retrofitted with H?

In order to update the LED light of traditional filament headlights, suitable headlight inserts have been available for years. Sometimes they are cheap and often of dubious quality from China, or high-quality LED inserts from well-established brand manufacturers. However, most extensions have one problem in common: they are illegal. Although many amateur tuning companies retrofit their cars with LED lighting to improve the image, in this case the car's operating license usually expires.

Tested by TÜV, approved by KBA

Osram was the first German manufacturer to end this dilemma for a series of vehicles. The Osram Night Breaker LED retrofit kit for H7 bases was the first kit to receive road approval from the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) after testing by TÜV Süd. Therefore, retrofitting LEDs into halogen headlights is legal and compliant with the law. New now are the H4 base LED night lights, where low beam and high beam are combined into one bulb. Night Breaker lights are produced in the European Union.

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The LED headlight (right) has been replaced with halogen bulbs.

Osram states that Night Breaker LEDs shine up to three times brighter than the legal minimum requirements, achieving long range and high contrast. In addition, the durability is five times higher than ordinary halogen lamps, and the power consumption is also lower. The 19-watt Osram Night Breaker LED retrofit is specified.

Installation by model

Depending on the vehicle model, installing Osram Night Breaker LED bulbs is as simple or as complex as replacing the bulb as usual. If you are not confident enough to do this, you can also have the installation done in a specialized workshop. For vehicles that require communication adapters or whose lighting is integrated into the vehicle's CAN bus, appropriate additional adapters or controllers must be installed, which OSRAM also supplies suitable for the vehicles in question.

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Carry an ABG in the car

After installation, the KBA General Type Approval (ABG) download link must be activated by scanning the QR code or entering the product code into the Osram Trust software. The printed ABG must then be carried in the vehicle after conversion.

However, there are some limitations to consider. The most important thing is vehicle approval. Osram must test Night Breaker retrofit lamps individually for each vehicle model in order to obtain an ABG. For this reason, the bulbs – although they fit all H7 headlights – can currently be legally fitted in around 160 series from 28 manufacturers (as of September 2022) for which ABG is already available. We've listed these vehicles and their years of manufacture in our photo gallery.

Now also for many import models

Osram is working on obtaining more approvals for other models and will continually expand the list accordingly. Since the end of April 2021, many of our best-selling vans, campervans and motorhomes have been approved for conversion. OSRAM has approval for the Citroën Jumper, Fiat Ducato, Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter and Peugeot Boxer as well as campervans based on them – for Citroën/Fiat/Peugeot models from 2014 and for Mercedes Sprinter from 2018. The models are now also approved Popular from German manufacturers such as the BMW X3 F25, Mercedes CLA 118 or the VW Sharan 7N and T6.1 models.

Also legal for Austria

Also important: Osram has been continuously working on new versions for Austria since 2021. The German General Terms and Conditions apply exclusively to vehicles registered in Germany; Only Austrian customers can legally upgrade models approved for Austria. There are currently 100 models from 19 manufacturers, and the vehicle list for Austria can be downloaded within this paragraph.

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Download Night Breaker AT vehicle list (September 2022)
(PDF, 5.14 MB)

The following applies to German and Austrian customers: Legally converted vehicles with German or Austrian registration may be driven throughout the European Union (except in England, a former EU member, due to left-hand traffic).

Available in stores are Osram Night Breaker LED retrofit bulbs, which are now also available for H4 low- and high-beam bases and, as before, as H7 low-beam or, depending on the vehicle, high-beam models.


It has taken a long time for the option of legal retrofitting to technically superior LEDs to finally be created. However, unfortunately, there is still complex individual testing for each series, instead of comprehensive approval of technically harmless retrofits in each suitable vehicle. This means that only drivers of models provided by the manufacturer for testing can enjoy KBA-certified lighting. But as the list continues to expand, there are more and more models. The new Nightbreaker LED with H1 base expands application possibilities even further.

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