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Alfred Della Torre leaves Vahle Automation

Shwish (a) Effective May 1, 2021, the Vahle Group has purchased all Alfred della Torre shares in Vahle Automation GmbH. In 2013, Kamen System Provider established a joint venture with Tyrolean Deto Group. Under the leadership of Managing Partner Alfred Della Torre, the joint venture has successfully developed into an innovation and technology hub for automation solutions for the Vahle Group. Now, in the course of the full takeover, Deto founder is pulling out as planned in order to dedicate himself to new ventures. Vahle will continue to develop the subsidiary in Schwoich as an innovation center for the entire product range.

“Vahle provides comprehensive system solutions for mobile industrial applications. The automation division complements our product range. We offer our customers a comprehensive package consisting of power transmission, positioning, data transmission, and control technology,” explains Achim Dries, CEO of Vahle. Collection.

The Kamen-based company founded the joint Vahle Automation project as an innovation center with Austrian control specialist Deto. “Since May 1, 2021, Vahle Automation GmbH has been a full-fledged part of the parent company,” said Dries.

Focus on developing the Ditto Group
Alfred Della Torre, founder of the Ditto Group, will withdraw from the joint venture as planned with his son: “In nearly ten years, we have created a development site that houses a pilot plant and known international customers with our innovations that convince them in the field of automation solutions.”

In the future, the successful duo want to focus on the further development of the Deto Group, which on the one hand encourages investments in emerging companies, interesting joint ventures and the development of innovative real estate projects. Dries: “We would like to thank Alfred Della Tore for his continuous good cooperation and commitment to the Fall Group.”

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Expanding the Tyrolean innovation site
The Tyrolean innovation site will be expanded in the future, with the R&D department at the headquarters in Kamen, will form a technology hub. In the pilot plant, the Vahle Group will continue to count on the dynamic development of the future and put the latest technologies and innovations into practice.

In addition, Vahle Automation will continue to strengthen itself in the areas of hardware and software development as well as project management and will focus on collaborating with universities and technical colleges in the region.