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ÖTV Pentagram in qualification at the start

ÖTV Pentagram in qualification at the start

In the midst of possible missions, Dennis Novak mixes in a very high hurdle.

Final Grand Slam curtain of the year: This Tuesday, the US Open in New York will start with qualifying. This year, the ÖTV quintet is trying to capture one of the coveted places in the main competitions. Jureg Rodionov, Philip Misolek, Denis Novak and Maximilian Neukrist are the starters for the men, Sinja Krause is the only player with red-white-red for the women. Since the Monday evening after CEST, the Aces now know their first opponent. All ÖTV gentlemen in the upper half of the network.

The majority of the Austrian representatives fell into the lottery. For example, Misolic (ATP 168) opens against the only 20-year-old Estonian newcomer Mark Lajal (ATP 246). On the other hand, Rodionov (ATP 102) starts seventh against American wildcard player Patrick Kipson (ATP 274), who has been in great form lately. Neuchrist (ATP 233) starts against a seed and can certainly calculate his chances against No. 24 on the ranking list, Maximilian Marterer (ATP 129) from Germany. Only Novak (ATP 187) has an absolute miss with fifth seed David Goffin (ATP 96): The former world number seven and four-time Grand Slam quarter-finalist from Belgium must play one of the Big Four players at Flushing Meadows. For the first time since the 2012 French Open she is back on top.

However, Kraus (WTA 208) should have good cards to move into the second of the three qualifying rounds against Frenchwoman Alice Robb (WTA 220). On Tuesday, Rodionov will only play his opening match, while the other ÖTV ÖTV will only play on Wednesday. From an Austrian point of view, Julia Graber (WTA 54), Sebastien Offner (WTA 59) and Dominique Thiem (WTA 82) are in strong competition. While Grabher reached the round of 16 at the WTA 250 prep event in Cleveland on Monday, Ofner opened in round two against American wildcard player Alex Michelsen (ATP 133) on Tuesday at the ATP 250 prep event in Winston-Salem. However, Thiem was unable to capitalize on his wildcard and had to cancel a first round appearance against France’s Arthur Renderknech (ATP 73). According to his brother and manager Moritz Thiem, the new Kitzbühel finalist has “a kind of gastritis”, is already in New York and hopes to get back in shape for the US Open in time.

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