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Does Red Bull currently have any weaknesses?

Does Red Bull currently have any weaknesses?

7:27 a.m

Does Red Bull currently have any weaknesses?

At least that’s what Fernando Alonso shows. “They are great at everything they do. I think Red Bull has the fastest car. They take better care of the tires than the others,” he says of Bulls and world champion Max Verstappen.

“They have the best starts, the best stops. They are the best in almost every aspect you could wish for. Best top speed, best low speed performance, best delta DRS,” says Alonso.

“There isn’t one aspect of the car that anyone can match at the moment. And Max is a bit like that too. He’s the best in qualifying, the best in racing, the best in duel,” he continues. Spanish.

“He doesn’t do anything wrong, that’s why the two are so great together,” Alonso expressed a certain admiration for the Verstappen-Red Bull combination. Ultimately, you have to “get there” on your own.

He stresses by the way that this is not discouraging, but in fact motivating. Let’s see how much incentive Red Bull will give their opponents again this weekend…

8:21 a.m

M: The full Formula 1 program on Sky!

In addition to Formula 1, the Formula 3 and Formula 2 junior series will start again this weekend in Monza. On Sky, you can watch training sessions, qualifying sessions and races in all categories directly and exclusively!

As always, there are exciting first-semester background reports, exclusive interviews, detailed before and after reports, and so much more. No Sky subscription yet? Report here!

8:13 a.m

Will the budget ceiling bounce back?

The cost cap is supposed to ensure a level playing field in Formula 1. However, Jacques Villeneuve fears that it is now more likely to ensure that the top teams maintain their lead for some time to come.

“The budget limit makes it difficult for others to catch up, so it has the opposite effect,” asserts the 1997 world champion, citing the former Williams team as an example of this thesis.

“They can’t invest in the team, they can’t improve their factory, which means they’ll never reach that level. That’s because of the budget cap, so it has the opposite effect at the moment,” he said. Canadian.

So Williams team principal James Fowles has already voiced his criticism.

7:59 a.m

Gasly: ​​Changes at Enstone have been received “positively”.

Before the summer holidays, there was a great deal of chaos in the Alps. At least that was the impression one could have from the outside. Pierre Gasly now explains that the atmosphere at the factory has been “positive” lately.

Many people were promoted through the restructuring, “and people saw it as a good opportunity”, asserts Gasly, who also explains that all changes must be given “time” first.

The mood in Enston is definitely not bad at the moment. His recent podium in Zandvoort may also have played a part…

7:44 a.m

A short look into the past…

That seems to be the motto for the special helmets Valtteri Bottas and Carlos Sainz will be riding this weekend! You can see the good stuff here:

7:34 a.m

This is the surprise of the new Hamilton deal!

In yesterday’s media day, there were two main topics about the 2023 Italian Grand Prix at Monza. First: Mercedes’ new contract with Lewis Hamilton and George Russell until the end of 2025.

Second: the question of what could prevent Max Verstappen from achieving his tenth victory in a row.

Reporting by Kevin Shoren and Christian Nimmervoll In our new video Straight from the paddock at the racetrack summarizing Thursday’s hottest topics for you!

7:19 a.m

training day

Hello and welcome to the new edition of our Formula 1 live ticker. Training day on the program at Monza today, FT1 starts at 1:30pm and FT2 is scheduled to start in the early evening at 5:00pm.

Of course, here in the tape we not only report on the two sessions, but also provide you with all the important information and stories from the circuit, for example from the team bosses’ press conference at 3:00 pm.

Robin Zimmerman It accompanies you all day long. If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints, you can use our contact form. You can also find us on Facebook, X, Instagram And YoutubeAnd if you have any questions, you can also use the Twitter hashtag #FragMST. here we are!

Here you can read our tape from yesterday!

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