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Against relegated Ingolstadt: Batmaz duo lead Münster to victory

Against relegated Ingolstadt: Batmaz duo lead Münster to victory

Status: 08/22/2023 at 8:59 PM

Thanks to Malik Batmaz’s joker, Preusen Münster claimed their first victory in the third football league, defeating FC Ingolstadt after falling behind.

On Tuesday evening (22/08/2023) SC Borussia Munster After an emotional 3:1 (0:1) performance against FC Ingolstadt.

Today’s man was Malik Batmaz. The Turkish striker (23) entered just after the hour mark and scored the first two goals for Borussia this season (61, 88). Yannick Maus took the lead for FCI in the 17th minute. Andrew Wooten completed the match with the third Monster goal (90 + 4).

Borussia Munster is dominant but not effective

Munster started with ambition and were very confident on the ball in the first few minutes and dominated play. From uncertainty to bitterness Derby bankruptcy against Bielefeld (0:4) I didn’t feel anything. The fans also made noise and loudly supported the Prussians from the stands. However, Munster lacked determination in the third attack, and only a direct free kick from Alexander Hahn (fourth) brought danger.

On the other hand, the guests did not need time to warm up in front of the goal. On Ingolstadt’s first opportunity, Mouse snuck into the far post after a corner kick and hit it coldly.

The Adlerträger is not discouraged as a result, but chances are good in their own right. Joel Grodowski failed to tackle “Schanzer” goalkeeper Marius Funk (26), as did Sebastian Mruka from a distance (28). Munster ran unsuccessfully until half-time.

Joker Batmaz saves Monster from a goalless draw

Minutes into the second half, the home side were awarded a penalty after Saibu Obiabwa was fouled inside the penalty area by Leon Guara. Gerrit Wykamp, ​​who scored 22 goals in the promotion season, missed this penalty, but Funk suspected a corner kick.

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But the Westphalians pushed on with all their might. It was therefore logical that Munster would score the equalizer. Joker Malik Batmaz needed just two minutes after coming on as a substitute for Wegkamp to give Munster their first goal of the season. Third league Register officially. Rico Priisinger sent the Batmaz in front of his sweet flick into the corner.

The final stretch: Prussia still rewards itself

Ingolstadt coach Michael Köllner reacted and fielded two defensive players, Felix Kedel and Donald Nduka. With this change, FCI Münster has taken the wind out of its sails and the pace of the race has slowed significantly.

But then Thorben Dieters shone again with his dribbling, putting Patmaz in the spotlight – and shooting from close range. Wooten, who replaced Joel Grodowski (82), made the decision after a perfectly executed counterattack.

The highlight of the duel with Rot-Weiss Essen is coming

In the fourth round, a team stands SC Borussia Munster Real highlight game. and against a former regional league opponent. Munster must pass Rot-Weiss Essen on Hafenstrasse (Sunday, 7:30pm).