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ÖTV: Win2day program of Austrian wheelchair experts

ÖTV: Win2day program of Austrian wheelchair experts

The elite Austrian wheelchair tennis players are competing for the prestigious Masters title!

The top six men and two women qualified for the Win2day Austria Masters, which has a total prize money of €4,000. The top-class starting team of Christina Piesendorfer and Vanessa Jennewein for the women and Josef Riegler, Nico Langmann, Martin Legner, youngster Maxi Tuscher, Martin Horz-Weber and Gerhard Schuster for the men were handed over to spectators on the first day of the exciting Win2day Austrian Wheelchair Masters duels.

Riegler and Langman are flawless

In the first set, national champion Josef Riegler beat tennis legend Martin Legner (6:0, 3:6, 6:3) and WTA champion Gerhard Schuster (6:1, 6:1) and booked the final ticket. There he meets Nico Langmann, who secured the group victory with victories over Martin Horz-Weber (7:5, 6:2) and US Open semi-finalist Maxi Tuscher (6:1, 2:6, 6:1). This means there will be a new edition of last year’s Masters final in St. Pölten between Langmann and Riegler.

The first duel is against Pesendorfer

In the women’s division, state champion Christina Piesendorfer and Vanessa Jennewein are two players who will compete for the Masters title in two duels. The first two duels went to the local champion Piesendorfer 6:2, 6:1.

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