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Our new offers for this week –

New music from the archives of Diving, Fillies, Kraft Club and Sudan. Who enters the top of the FM4 charts? It’s your decision!

to Christopher Sipin

FM4 Schemes: Every Saturday from 5 pm to 7 pm on FM4 and online after the show.

Diving – Ego

They’re back, musical time travelers from snorkeling from Vienna! “It’s your selfish sweetheart, you’re on a one-way street and you’re driving too fast,” the trio sings toward Ego on the one-way street. A song about selfishness and narcissism wrapped in the coolest rock ‘n’ roll in the garage. The Dives’ new album, Wanna Take You There, will be released on October 14, 2022.

Foals – 2001

New tunes for the former faction were all better: “I want the album to be your friend, and I threw the best party ever, and that’s what you should feel,” Foals singer Yannis Philippakis said of the new album “Life Is Yours, due out in mid-June.” In 2001, Yannis moved to Brighton with the first band and started a new life, so many memories of early liberties in “2001”.

Craft Club – Wittenberg is not Paris

It’s always easier to criticize from afar, this is probably the central theme of the new track by the Kraftklub group. It’s about people moving from a small village to a big city and trying to start a new life there: “And I can understand you, replace your old life with cafes and designer furniture stores,” sings Felix Kommer “And now you’re excited, the result of the Green Party elections from your district.” By the way, the German MDR recently had one I posted a very funny storyHow does Wittenberg resemble Paris?

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Sudan Archives – The Selfish Spirit

“I feel there is an American standard for beautiful poetry,” Britney Parks, known for the Sudan Archives, says of her new song, “Selfish Soul,” a showcase of diverse styles, for different women, and for different hair. Inspired by a song India aria, “Selfish Soul” is a song that you can listen to chilling on one hand, but it’s also easy to pop out in a club from loud speakers in front of people sweating and dancing. our current Sunday songby the way.