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“Out of Feeling”: Mandy Capresto talks about their new relationship

“Out of Feeling”: Mandy Capresto talks about their new relationship

Mandy Capresto (31) He talks about their mysterious partnership. Only on Valentine’s Day, the musician surprised her fans with this wonderful news: she announced her new relationship that she got into The couple’s first photo Shared on the network. the previous Monrose-Ger is in a relationship with an Italian businessman for a long time and also lives with her boyfriend in his homeland. Good chatting Mandy On a TV show about their new love.

In fact, the beauty keeps her private life private, but she decided to make her relationship public. In today’s episode of Henssler grill betrayal Mandy At the request of the broker Laura and Wuntora (32) That the act was completely spontaneous. “Sometimes you have to do things out of feeling and not think about it for a long time.”

However, this does not mean that the 31-year-old will be released from witness questioning. But this time he was the host Stephen Hensler (48) She wanted to get some information from her about the man standing next to her. Mandy, is that really a footballer? Lura He said this is a soccer player. “Request the cook directly. Yeah Mandis The answer could not be more clear: “What! You’ll never be repeated” The musician has been with a professional soccer player for a few years Mesut Ozil (32) She was in an affair and the relationship with an athlete was apparently enough for her.

Mandy Capresto in “Grill den Henssler”

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Mandy Capresto with her boyfriend
Singer Mandy Capresto in “Grill den Henssler” 2021