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“Poppy” in the Opera House: New Netrebko to Vienna?

The name of Slavka Zamknikova, the new member of the band, must be remembered at the Vienna State Opera. Yesterday she celebrated the crowd in her first lead role as a new star on the sky of the Vienna Opera. It has already been whispered by Junior Netrebko.

At the conclusion of a season which was completely mixed by the Coronavirus, the opera house was ordered to present two great classics: Before Barry Koski cast “Macbeth” by Verdi on stage on June 11, they kidnapped the Baroque again in Baroque style and showed Claudio Monteverdi “L’Incoronazione” di Poppea “in the handwriting of Belgian theater maker Jan Laueres and his company Needcompany, which presented this production for the first time at the Salzburg Festival 2018.

Vienna State Opera / Michael Boone

In addition to Kate Lindsay, the big prom and the new star of the Vienna Opera: Slavka Zamknikova

The Viennese crowd was more cheerful than the Salzburg crowd three years ago – and that this production can still be good, as shown by a look at the reviews, is due to its vocals lineup. Mezzo-soprano Kate Lindsay was just as disguised as Nerone in Salzburg – she gave Nerone the “crazy” role, as APA colleague Maria Scholl found, more “tricked” than she was in Salzburg. Scholl continues, “With Slavka Zamiknikova,” “A star has risen through the sky of the Vienna opera, who is likely to develop a great world-class luster. Her first in-house lead role as Poppea moves into the fun of play and stage attendance, with luxurious, bright, elegant and effortless sopranos, but also In her appearance, some might remember the young Netrebko. “

Musical pointer

Instead of Art Florissants as in Salzburg, Vienna turned to Concentus Musicus and under the leadership of Pablo Heras-Casado achieved some remarkable great moments in a whole new music production. The fact that Needcompany can now be seen at Haus am Ring clearly shows that a new era has definitely dawned on it in all areas.

Basic information on “Poppea” by Jan Lauwers can also be found in the first review of Salzburg Festival 2018 – more on this at

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