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Pack hay and fodder for farming simulator

Pack hay and fodder for farming simulator

Publisher and developer Giants Software has announced Hay & Forage Pack, which will be released on June 13 for Farming Simulator 22 on PC and consoles.

Brand new and specialized machinery

The Hay & Forage Pack includes 17 all-new vehicles and special items. In addition, Giants Software introduces three new brands to the world of Farming Simulator: German mowing specialist Brielmaier and Austrian manufacturers Reform and Reiter playing with their machines.

The new content includes seven brands in total – Krone, Pöttinger, Rigitrac and Sepp Knüsel which are also expanding the machine pool. From special tractors such as the Reform Mounty 110V or the Rigitrac SKH 60 with slope compensation cab to wheel loaders such as the Reform PrimAlpin units or the Pöttinger Jumbo 8450 DB. From mowing to unloading at points of sale, new packaging covers all the important steps in hay and forage production.

Mowers like the Krone Easy Cut F 320 Highland have lateral offset, while shovels shine with good ground tracking in tough terrain.

The Hay & Forage Pack includes the following devices:

  • Brielmaier – S250 Mower Motor
  • KRONE – EasyCut F 320 Highland
  • KRONE – Swadro S 350 Highland
  • Krone – Vendro 820 Highland
  • PÖTTINGER – Highest 1403°C
  • fix – mountain 110v
  • The fix – overlapped
  • Fix – PrimAlpin
  • Fix – tipper unit
  • Raider – R3 Compact 700
  • Raider – R7 approx
  • Rider – R9 Professional
  • Registrac – SKH 60
  • Sepp Knussel – Tornado
  • Sepp Kensal – Tornado Plus