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the future?  Blizzard is already working on major expansions

the future? Blizzard is already working on major expansions

charge is Diablo 4 (From 79.98 euros at pre order) It was released today, but Blizzard is already thinking a few steps forward. In addition to the regular seasonswhich will accompany the role-playing game, the studio is already working on Two major content expansions.

This was announced by Rod Ferguson, Executive Producer of Diablofranchise at Blizzard, in a recent interview. After all, the release of the fourth part of the series is not a sprint, but a marathon in which you have to regularly add updates and new content. This brings with it its own set of challenges, including protecting the health of your employees.

Diablo 4: Two expansions are already in the works

Of course, Ferguson didn’t extract any details from Kinda Funny Games, but he did reveal that they’re in the process of finishing Season 1 of Diablo 4, which is expected to start in July. In addition, they will already be working on the second season and the first expansion, while they have recently begun development on the second expansion.

“So you have to build your team and structure in such a way that you do it sustainably, because you’re always shooting something,” said Ferguson. Another reason for the development structure is the fact that Blizzard does not accept errors Diablo 3 want to repeat. At the time, there wasn’t enough content to keep players engaged in the long run.

Diablo 4: Now playable for everyone

However, before you get into expansions and seasons, the base game is on the agenda. Since June 2nd, purchasers of the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions can play, but starting today, June 6th, all other players who “only” purchased the Standard Edition can also start. If you are one of them, we have it Some practical tips and tricks for Diablo 4 are ready for youto make the first steps in the role-playing game more fun.

On the other hand, if you are already close to the end of the campaign, you can do so Soon the end of Diablo 4 begins. We have summarized the tasks and rewards that await you there in another article.