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What Apple announced regarding software

What Apple announced regarding software

Software took center stage at the WWDC 2023 keynote


Even outside virtual reality glasses and augmented reality Vision Pro He was part of the keynote address at the Apple Developer Conference WWDC Much to say. We summarize the innovations that users use iOSAnd iPadOSAnd macOS and watchOS And tvOS They were allowed to experiment.

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iOS 17

great flow iPhone features comes with iOS 17, which is now available as a beta for developers. Arguably one of the most exciting new features is comment. This turns the cell phone into a type when you hold it in landscape mode Smart screen, which permanently displays information such as the time and date. The iPhone also acts as a digital photo frame in this format. Of course, there are also corresponding accessories for this.

new magazineThe application allows note leads in order to increase his well-being. Voicemail messages It will also be in the future Direct copy automatically. So you can see in real time via text what the caller is saying on the box. The mobile app has been revamped Contact stickers Now give a full screen view of who is calling you.

Messages Gets new stickers functionality. It can also transcribe voice messages. confrontation time Now supports audio and video messages when a contact is not currently available.

Location information It can be shared in a secure manner for privacy in the meeting. And with AirDrope-Range, you can share files even when you’re not next to each other. Last but not least: Autocorrect has been added via machine learning It has been revised and Siri is now listening only.”Siri” instead of “Hey Siri“.

iPad OS 17

In the new iPad operating system, among other things, Lock the screen reviewer. It can now be redesigned with pictures. live activities Displays relevant current information directly in the lock screen, for example sports resultsAnd travel plans or case a Food delivery. widgets It becomes interactive, for example the to-do list can be edited directly on the screen.

Edit files PDF files It is also improved. They can be organized, read, and modified in the Notes application. You can also work on it cooperatively, that is, with others. Of course, changes like those in the messaging app or in FaceTime in iOS can also be found in iPadOS. the healthThe app also comes as a native iPad app.

macOS Sonoma

It was somewhat surprising that Apple macOS He spent a relatively large amount of time on the keyword. New release Sonoma It brings among other things a new genre, widgets add to desktop. In order to obtain a large selection of items, one can iPhone widgets used on mac. It must also be interactive and allow, among other things, to control the media.

Be a review too video conferencing. browser Safari It also gets new features, especially in terms of data protection in incognito mode. This makes tracking through websites more difficult and tabs are blocked when the user steps away from the computer. There is a Family section in Saved Passwords. So you can share selected accounts with your loved ones.

Sonoma’s optical innovations are about new wallpapers And New screensavers. new Game type Macs should be well optimized for gaming.

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watchOS 10

The new Apple Watch operating system provides an entirely new way to navigate the watch menu. If you turn the crown, you are swapping the different crowns widgets during. These should now take up more space on the smartwatch again. the world clock He is also new. Your wallpapers will automatically adjust to the time of day.

Apple has devoted a lot of time to showcasing the new functionality of cyclists. If you start a cycling activity on your Apple Watch, it will also display as a live activity on your iPhone screen. The idea is that you then mount your iPhone on the bike and view everything while you’re riding.

In addition, the Apple Watch can now be connected directly to bicycle sensors via Bluetooth, for example Rhythm or performance (energy meter) can be paired. With the latter, FTP value for bikers can now also be calculated using algorithms.

hikers See with watchOS 10 at the waypoint that you have reception on your cell phone so you can make an emergency call. Developers can access detailed sensor logs for the Apple Watch

Two new watch faces complete the innovations: a color panel face and a Parasitical-a screen.

tvOS 17

The biggest innovation in TVOS 17 It might be an integration confrontation time. using a wireless connection iPhone or iPad camera or microphone, now you can make video calls on your big screen in the living room. Other video conferencing applications webex And Zoom in Coming for tvOS.

new Control Center At the top right of the screen displays information such as the time and active profile. Good news for anyone who misplaced their remote: Apple TV remote control Searching can now be easily done via the iPhone’s Control Center.

Other small innovations include new options for screen saverenhanced dialogues When using HomePod and Third party VPN support.


So far there is little concrete information about it Vision Pro operating system VisionOS. Apple just announced that it should introduce a completely new computer experience which is of course optimized for 3D interfaces in the world of AR and VR.

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