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Pacult on Sonnleitner rumors: 'This is my first hearing'

Pacult on Sonnleitner rumors: ‘This is my first hearing’

Austria-Klagenfurt-Coach Peter Bacolt It was with Episode 113 From DAB | audio guide As a guest and spoke about the composition of the list of new arrivals:

To the team planning next season: “I can’t report at the moment, but we are working around the clock because of the team composition. Things might look a little better at Straudi, but we’ll see how it turns out. But of course we have to gain experience in one position or another and strengthen ourselves accordingly. The carp pond is huge , but it will be important for us to catch four or five good carps from this pond. You must have a lucky hand.”

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… was asked about Turgay Gemicibasi: “He has these advantages that we have been looking for and I am also happy that he has finally decided in our favour.”

…when asked if Mario Sonnleitner should introduce himself or Nicholas Wimmer is a subject: “I don’t really know anything about Mario. I hear it for the first time. I brought him to Rapid at the time and you can see how long he played there. You have to congratulate him on that. But I can’t say anything else about it. And Wimmer is about a transfer fee.” If Blau-Weiß Linz and Klagenfurt reach an agreement, it would, of course, be a good move.”

DAB | Audio Guide Episode #113 with Peter Bault

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