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Painter Andreas Werner wins the Strabag Art Prize

Painter Andreas Werner wins the Strabag Art Prize

© Kunsthalle Krems / eSeL Lorenz Seidler

The artist, who was born in East Germany and lives in Vienna, receives the grand prize of 15,000 euros.

From Michael Huber

It has been the career supporter of many famous artists from Austria: the Strabag Art Prize, presented annually by the art department of the construction company, is one of the Austria’s highest private art awards for painting and drawing. A total of 35,000 euros will be awarded, of which 15,000 will be awarded to the winner of the main prize and 5,000 for each of the four honorary awards. The works of the Strabag Art Collection are often purchased.

This time the International Art Prize was announced in Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria. The winner was Andreas Werner – artist, who was born in Merseborg an der Sally in 1984, studied in Vienna and lives here, recently present with a show at the Kunsthalle Krems and the Krenzinger Gallery.

Werner is known for his oversized drawings of structures that contain something equally ancient and futuristic. “Consistently erected, they signify civilization’s achievements and fundamental social constants, which evoke timeless heaviness and melancholy through the dark dust of graphite, says the Strabag Arts Forum broadcast. “Werner succeeds in developing a utopian dimension in his paintings, suggesting much in the consciousness of cultural and historical precursors and yet leaving everything open.”

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I went to the recognition awards Daniel Bernat (Hungary), Schkos Ezer (Hungary), Marcin Jacek (Poland) and Georg Pinteric (Austria). The work of the nominees can still be seen in the Strabag-Artlounge at the headquarters of the construction group (Donau-City-Str.9, 12220 Vienna, registration: [email protected]) until August 11.

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