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Partial lunar eclipse today – send us photos!

Partial lunar eclipse today – send us photos!


A partial lunar eclipse can also be seen from Vorarlberg on Saturday evening – provided the weather is good. The eclipse can be seen in full, as the Earth’s shadow covers a maximum of 13% of the moon’s disk. Tomorrow we want to show a selection of the most beautiful photos on

The celestial event begins at 9:34 pm, with the Moon entering the Earth’s shadow. Peak at 10:14 p.m. During a maximum eclipse, 13% of the Moon’s disk falls into the Earth’s shadow on the lower left. Finally, at 10:54 p.m., the event ends with the Moon emerging from the shadow area.

Send us your photos!

If you observe the lunar eclipse from Vorarlberg, we will be happy to receive your photos. Please download this via our website Contact form high. You can also upload multiple images there. We will publish a selection of the most beautiful photos online.

You can also email photos to [email protected] – Please use high-resolution horizontal formats and indicate the source. By submitting your request you agree to publish for free.

Highlighting the year of astronomy

Experts classify the partial lunar eclipse as the most prominent event of the astronomical year 2023. The lunar eclipse only occurs during the full moon. The Sun, Earth and Moon are in one line and the Earth’s satellite moves through the Earth’s shadow or umbra. More on this in Partial lunar eclipse this weekend (, October 27, 2023)

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