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Party at Brook Castle: This is what the song "Aschenes Lem" sounds like

Party at Brook Castle: This is what the song “Aschenes Lem” sounds like

Poetry in dialect and in picturesque surroundings. The highlight of the cultural summer. We are giving away two tickets!

The great Kristen Noestlinger captured what we all long for, what we often miss and sometimes don’t recognize in twenty dialect poems and handed it to a man with whom she formed an artistic friendship in the last years of her life: Gerald Votava.

A highly productive, award-winning, versatile and sensitive performer, actor, musician, composer and cabaret artist who, along with accordionist Walter Soica and drummer Maria Petrova, transforms Nöstlinger’s poems into songs and performs not simply, but interprets them in a wonderfully concise and poignant, highly musical way. And very entertaining.

“A schenes Lem”, Castle Brook, August 26, 8 p.m.

The video provides a preview of the musical evening at Brook Castle, for which we collaborated with Linz city culture Two lottery tickets. Simply post under this article and you will be entered into the contest.

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