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Party, Whistles and Demir: Austria with respectable success against Galatasaray

Party, Whistles and Demir: Austria with respectable success against Galatasaray

Home is where your whistles can be done, too. the Vienna, Austria Play a home game against the paper favorites at Generali Arena on Friday night Galatasaray Istanbulbut they were outnumbered.

Among the nearly 10,000 fans in the stadium, at least 6,000 kept their fingers crossed for Galatasaray, cheering loudly for the Turkish champions and whistling for the Austrians. Many fans of Turkish origin living in Vienna have taken the perhaps unique opportunity to watch their team play live.


The party at Reumannplatz began with the lighting of a smoke bowl. Two subway stations are displayed at the top of the roundabout, with jerseys of all shapes displayed. Arrival was calm and peaceful. The strict segregation of the stadium didn’t really work, the concert fans were also seated in the south stand, which was only for the Austrians. Purple Members and Subscribers may have used their right of first refusal to resell.

Demir from the start

Former Rabidler Yusuf Demir, who previously played a supporting role at Galatasaray and could be resold, was allowed to start in Vienna for the former arch-rival in the first 11 and the whistle was blown in turn by the Austria fans. His contribution to the game was reasonable.


The difference between the Champions League team Gala and Austria was visible to the naked eye, but the Viennese did not cut a bad record for long periods. James Holland, who is not exactly known as a top scorer, gave the lead with a good shot. The win wasn’t enough, however, as Meisel saw the red card (stealing a goal) and Yilmaz eventually scored to make it 1-1.

An emotional and laid-back evening of football at Vienna’s Favorite ended up being a respectable success for Wiener Austria.

Double win from Sturm

Meanwhile, vice-champion Storm Graz won two Test matches. At the start, Christian Elzer’s team beat Partizan Belgrade 2-1 in Mesendorf, with Jakob Jantscher emerging as the scorer from the penalty spot. After that, Grazers kept the upper hand in Friedberg against Aris Limassol with 2:0. Coach Ilzer wasn’t 100% happy. “It was an intense friendly day. I’m not completely satisfied today because I saw some things we need to improve over the next few weeks.”

LASK defeated Debrecen in Pasching 4:2. In addition to Robert Zolge, Marin Ljubišić and Branko Jovićić, LASK also made new signing Ilias Havel. “In the first round we had difficulty qualifying. In the second round we had a lot of grip,” summed up new coach Thomas Seiger.

Meanwhile, WSG Tirol won 2-1 in Wattens against third-division German side Sandhausen. Nick Brillick kicked two goals into Silberberger’s side in his new home jersey debut. However, Wydad in Wolfsburg suffered a 2-1 defeat in a friendly match against Al-Hilal.

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