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Prince Harry: Is he now turning to his lawyer to the Queen?

The feud still raging between Prince Harry and his wife Meghan against the British royal family is likely to get new food. Harry is said to sue the UK if it deprives him of a special royal privilege. It might be amusing…

Prince Harry calls on the police to protect his family

With Diana’s youngest son’s decision to turn his back on the Queen and emigrate to America with his wife Meghan, he has angered the British royal family against himself. However, Harry has to pay dearly for his newfound freedom in California – as the father of two should have noticed by now: He is no longer entitled to all the royal privileges. In particular, the right to personal protection appears to be so important to the 37-year-old that he should be prepared to claim it again through legal channels if necessary. According to the Daily Mail, Harry has already appointed his lawyer to the British government. According to Harry’s lawyer, his “right to police protection” if he visits the kingdom still applies: “Prince Harry inherited a life security risk at birth. He remains sixth in line to the throne, has twice served in combat service in Afghanistan and in recent years has faced his family Well-documented threats from neo-Nazis and extremists The following fact shows how seriously Harry takes personal protection for himself and his family:

Prince Harry: He wants to fund the police services out of his own pocket

According to the “dissident” lawyers, Harry is currently paying for his bodyguards in sunny California, where the prince, his wife and children currently live. But if a family of four dared to jump across the pond to Great Britain for a visit, protection by a few bodyguards would not be enough, and real police protection would be needed, it is said. Until then, Harry will be willing to fund local police operations out of his own pocket. It is rumored that the prince’s offer was not approved by the kingdom either. It remains to be seen if this dispute has finally made the rift between Harry and the royal family insurmountable.

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