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Persian miniatures – Misagh Gulyai and Shaghajij Nosrati

Persian miniatures – Misagh Gulyai and Shaghajij Nosrati

Persian miniatures – Misagh Gulyai and Shaghajij Nosrati

With Misagh Joolaee and Schaghajegh Nosrati, two exceptional musicians come to Vienna for the first time, together searching for new sounds and crossing genre boundaries willingly and consciously.

The combination of the traditional Iranian instrument – ​​the kamancheh – and the piano represents the idea of ​​international understanding. And in their music – Azerbaijani, Turkish and Armenian folk songs – borders, tensions and conflicts dissolve into dance and longing and point to a better future.

Message Gulyai, a soloist on the Persian violin, the Kamanchi, has been recognized as an innovator in improving the sound of his instrument since winning the German Recording Critics’ Prize in 2020 for his debut album “Fern”. The violin is a delicate, fur-covered stringed instrument native to Iran, Azerbaijan, and the countries of Central Asia. It can emit a variety of sounds and colors despite its small resonance box.

Shagagej Nasrti She is a versatile musician, and thanks to her excellent reputation as an interpreter of Bach’s music, she was able to establish herself as a concert pianist at an early stage. Her international breakthrough came in 2014 through her success as laureate at the International Bach Competition in Leipzig, but especially through her growing musical collaboration with Sir András Schiff.

The goal of the duo, founded in 2020, is to create a connection between their instruments rooted in very different musical cultures, thus entering into a musical dialogue. In addition to art music of Iranian, Armenian and Azerbaijani origin, the collection also includes Misagh Gulyai’s own compositions.

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Message Gulyai
Shagagej Nasrti