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Without Pietro Lombardi: Laura Maria felt relieved after the discussion

Without Pietro Lombardi: Laura Maria felt relieved after the discussion

Laura Maria enjoys the evening without Pietro Lombardi

Laura met her friend Lola Webert (27) for dinner. The presenter pays tribute to their evening together, where the two women were able to simply exchange ideas for four hours: “It was so wonderful because she is such an authentic, warm-hearted woman that you can’t help but love her.” Laura can’t help but give it all back. At home, Lino’s mother also shares her feelings after a relaxing evening – without Lino’s father Pietro.

Discussion with Lola Weippert eases Laura Maria’s conscience

In a video, the DSDS juror’s fiancée takes off her makeup in front of the camera and talks about how important such evenings are to her: “It was very good. As a mother, you really appreciate evenings like this.” As the women enjoyed their truffle pasta, they made plenty of time for each other and exchanged ideas – and their cell phones remained off. During the four hours that they talked without breaks, it was very good for Laura to “speak out and talk about everything – and you can do that very well with Lola.” It remains uncertain whether the two women also spoke about Laura’s relationship with Pietro and the alleged crisis.

Finally, she offers some advice to all mothers: “We need something like this! You just need moments like this, it feels so good – so: do it!”

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