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Photographing a black hole and its jet for the first time

Photographing a black hole and its jet for the first time

© via Reuters/European Southern Observatory

center Galaxy Messier 87 acquired 2019 Celebrity as the first photo ever Black hole. The researchers have now achieved a new new view using a Jetshot by the black hole into space, can be recorded simultaneously.

The mass of the black hole in the image is 6.5 billion suns and he 55 million light years away away from Earth. The characteristic ring of light around the black hole can be seen in the image. In the new image, it is about twice as large as in the 2019 image. Matter falling into the black hole is close to the speed of light and therefore extremely hot. The black area in the middle isthe shadowfor a black hole, because that by itself cannot be imaged.

The origin of the aircraft

This glowing disk of gas and dust “feeds” the black hole. But not all material was eaten up. Jets shoot out from black holes at nearly the speed of light. They spew material in bundles to the edge of their galaxies, and sometimes beyond.

Registration now allows a profile Origin of material flow. It can be seen that the plane is off 3 parts consists. The lateral parts are weaker, in the middle there is a stronger current. The image now shows that the central region is ejected directly from the center of the ring of light into space.

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“We know that jets shoot out from the immediate vicinity of a black hole. But we still don’t fully understand how that actually happens.” Ro Sen Lu from Shanghai Astronomical Observatory in the current situation. The data is currently being analyzed. The image is intended to provide researchers with information about, among other things The structure and strength of the magnetic field around the black hole. Planes are thought through interactions arise in the magnetic field.

A huge jet is seen rising from the center of the black hole

Artist’s impression of the M87

telescope complex

Use search team a to register network in radio telescopes. In order to get as much detail as possible, the 14 telescopes to VLBI Universal Millimeter Array (GMVA) including data from The Atacama group is millimeter/meter large (ALMA) and des Greenland Telescopes (GLT) used.

The more telescopes are used and the more they are spread out on Earth, the more detailed the images will be. When combined, the network creates a virtual telescope the size of Earth. The first photo was from Event Horizon Telescope recorded, but at a lower wavelength. As a result, many details remained hidden.

The 14 telescopes are distributed around the world

The researchers write that the image is a milestone for future observations. The black hole should now be inside other wavelengths To reveal more details about the aircraft. The results of the study have been published in the journal nature published.