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Route 96 - No two roads are the same, developers talk about the procedural approach

Route 96 – No two roads are the same, developers talk about the procedural approach

This Thursday appears with 96 way From developer Digixart is a very exciting adventure that each player will experience in their own way. A procedural system runs in the background, and Digixart is revealing more details today.

As Digixart CEO Yoan Fanise explained in the official PlayStation Blog, the goal from the start has been for no player to take the same journey as everyone else.

Our motto was: “Nobody has the same path.”

To achieve this, start 96 way With some questions to determine the starting point along with other parameters. From this point, you can then decide for yourself how you want to escape from the fantasy country, where not everything is gathered together from the set of options that exist.

6 to 15 hours of gaming

Depending on your road trip, the time will vary – sometimes only 6 hours, sometimes 15 hours is possible, including very different endings, based on your decisions and behavior along the way. The graphic below illustrates this approach well.

96 road map

“You can see on the map that the character paths are never the same – that’s the beauty of a procedurally generated system. Also, it’s almost mathematically impossible for your individual characters to share the same path (which makes us very lucky).”


The developer confirms it 96 way It also differs significantly from games where the story simply revolves around the decisions that determine the way forward, as there are a lot of random events here.

This in turn should always be consistent with things like: “If the characters have already been interviewed, if you know their background, and how more can be revealed about them – without revealing things too soon or too late” stand up. A very exciting mission for Digixart, watching the testers be surprised at the special events in the game.

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full private too 96 way one finds On the official PlayStation Blogwhile you can embark on this journey on your own from Thursday.