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Pietro Lombardi: Circulatory collapse shocks fans

Pietro Lombardi: Circulatory collapse shocks fans

Pietro Lombardi I had planned a lot. Currently, the singer often appears in the gym to shed some extra pounds. But Petro collapsed during his last training session.

Pietro Lombardi: He collapsed after training

The Christmas season is known to gain a few pounds. But not with Pietro Lombardi. The singer decided to lose a pound or two. In his latest gym session, the 29-year-old appears to have pushed it too far. Crashed after training!

Pietro Lombardi: “Don’t worry”

It looks like the very athletic singer has put on a few pounds. To get rid of them, he is now doing more sports again. He gets support from professional athlete Deniz Elpay. The boxer is supposed to help Lombardi get back to the top quickly and appears to be taking his job very seriously. In his Instagram story, Ilbay praised Petro for his enthusiasm and said, “I’m not really a fan of making someone vomit during or after their athletic activity.” The best athlete continued: “Sometimes you have to think outside the box. I’m proud of you.” However, you don’t have to worry about Pietro. He answers quickly and gives all the clarity: “Don’t worry, I’m fine. This was just too much for my trading.” Petro clearly meant it very well and overpowered himself.

Pietro Lombardi: Love Away

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