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Sarah Ferguson: She speaks clearly about Prince Harry and Meghan

Sarah Ferguson: She speaks clearly about Prince Harry and Meghan

These words go to your heart. While the press is over Prince Harry and his wife Megan Herzogen Opening his mouth, his aunt Sarah Ferguson jumps to the side.

The past few months haven’t been easy Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle. Disagreements between his family and Duchess Meghan led the two to break up with the royal family. The possibility of a divorce is now being publicly discussed. Harry’s aunt, Sarah Ferguson, seems to see it quite differently. In an interview on the Italian talk show “Porta a Porta”, she said that Meghan makes Harry happy.

Sarah Ferguson: ‘Meghan makes Harry happy’

The Duchess of York recalls Princess Diana’s funeral “I would love to see the happy little boy who cried so hard at his mother’s funeral”. So does Meghan make Harry happier than everyone thinks? For Sarah Ferguson, it’s clear: “If Diana were with us today, all she wanted was for Harry to be happy. And she (Meghan, Reed) makes him happy.”

Diana is going to be crazy about the grandchildren

Sarah Ferguson was Diana’s best friend even before she became a princess. She’s sure: “Diana would be proud of what happened to her two sons,” says Sarah Ferguson. And their wives, too. And Diana would be crazy about her grandchildren, just as she is. “I loved children.”

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