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Pietro Lombardi: This is what organizing his family looks like

Pietro Lombardi: This is what organizing his family looks like

Alessio son Pietro Lombardi Sarah Engels is now six years old. Soon there will be children again in Sarah. But what about Petro? On Instagram, he told his fans how he imagines his future.

Pietro Lombardi: A surprising statement

In the current Instagram post, Pietro Lombardi wrote: “Respect for all mothers in the world. Today there are three of us. Since Alessio is already 6 years old, I already forgot that it is not always easy, but today you made it very clear to me that I want more children, because being a father or a mother is simply better Gift. Papa’s son + uncle today.” sudden statement. So it’s clear that the singer has big plans. Received a lot of encouragement in the comments.

Pietro Lombardi: In Search of Great Love

There is still a long way to go before then. The 29-year-old will have to find his new love first. After breaking up with Sarah Engels and a brief relationship with influencer Laura Maria, Pietro Lombardi is currently single. In any case, he has proven many times that he is a great father. We hope that one day his wish will come true. Especially after the hard time behind him. The singer recently indicated in his new song “Lüg mich an” that he was having a hard time undermining the relationship.

Pietro Lombardi: Love is Away

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