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AI companions are designed to assist in building, combat, and more

AI companions are designed to assist in building, combat, and more

from Michael Misculin
Sons of the Forest, the survival horror sequel to The Forest, is set for release next month. There’s now a new gameplay video with details about the AI ​​companions.

Sons of the Forest, the 2018 survival horror sequel to The Forest, had to be released last year It has been postponed again But next month’s release appears to be on the right track this time around. Meanwhile, a new preview video from IGN features new gameplay footage and details on AI companions to help players build, fight, and more.

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Retro gameplay elements from the first The Forest are now joined by fellow AI in Sons of the Forest. The player begins with companion Calvin, who can be assigned basic tasks such as gathering wood or assisting in battle. When he is tired, he automatically rests, or drinks water when he is thirsty. But beware: if you treat him badly, his productivity will also decrease. Even if you don’t want an AI companion on your side, you can kill Calvin, or recruit another companion like Virginia.

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Virginia, the AI’s companion, will be very shy at first and run away. Her friendship will help the player in battle – she is said to come across cats. The AI ​​decision-making process itself has been improved for both opponents and companions. Enemies must be able to change clothes or rest each other. Some enemies even have the rank of Commander and are said to be able to spread their own ideologies. This also allows the player to start wars between mutants and clans. Sons of the Forest will be released on February 23, 2023 for PC.

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