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Plagiarism hunter raises allegations against «» Baerbock

Plagiarism hunter raises allegations against «» Baerbock

Webber sees copyright infringement in a new book – the party replies sharply: “This is an attempt at character assassination.”

5.14 PM, June 29, 2021


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Salzburg media scholar Stefan Weber has accused German chancellor Annallina Barbock of copying her book. In a blog post, Webber claims that Burbock did not write some of the formulas in the book. “And if you take it seriously, there are also many copyright violations.” “This is a character assassination attempt,” a spokesman for Germany’s Green Party said on Tuesday.

Barbock turned against Christian Schertz, a lawyer who specializes in media lawParty spokesman said. Weber had already brought many senior politicians into distress in the past by scrutinizing their scientific work and discovering plagiarism. In January, his research on Labor Secretary Christine Aschbacher’s resignation was resolved (ÖVP). He then announced that he would also like to study the theses of other ministers such as Susan Raab and Margaret Schrambuck (both ÖVP).

Barbock’s book “Now. How to Renew Our Land” was released on June 21. E.Not an academic text that meets strict standards for academic work. In the 240-page book, Burbock disseminates green political concepts and combines them with personal experiences. It does not use footnotes to refer to sources.

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Inaccuracy in CV

Media scientist Weber, who has also dealt with inaccuracies in Bierbock’s resume since May, He enumerates several passages from the text in his contribution to which parallels can be found in other publications. Weber cites contributions from American political scientist Michael T. Clary, the Federal Agency for Civic Education and the news magazine Der Spiegel as examples.

A Green Party spokesman said Weber was trying “maliciously” to damage Barbock’s reputation. “The sections described are publicly accessible facts or known green sites.” In a statement sent by Greens’ press office, attorney Schertz said, “I cannot begin to recognize copyright infringement, as the few passages referred to are nothing more than a reproduction of publicly known political facts and opinions.”

Olstein Publishing, which published the book, also protested the allegations. The publisher said: “The manuscript of Annalina Berbuk’s book has been carefully edited by the publisher.” “We can’t see any copyright infringement.”