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Severe storms in many areas Tuesday night

Severe storms in many areas Tuesday night

hContinuous thunderstorms accompanied by storms and heavy rain hit people in many regions of Germany. This is what counts in Stuttgart alone fire department From Monday evening to early Tuesday, more than 330 missions. The continuous heavy rain caused many of the tunnels to fill with water in a very short time.

Parts of the roof cladding were covered in the Stuttgart Opera House. The statues also fell from their bases. “I’m under the roof and I’m getting really wet,” director Victor Schöner of the German news agency (dpa) said Monday night. The side platform was underwater, and some rain poured into the building through the lamps. There were 250 guests at that time Thunderstorms He was at a concert at the opera, and no one was hurt

And in the Kalo district, firefighters and police were busy in the evening. A Pforzheim police spokesman spoke of flooded streets, canyons and landslides in the Altenchteig community.

Some severe storms also hit the Rhineland-Palatinate and parts of the state of Hesse. The fire brigade said Tuesday morning that in Vorderpfalz there were 265 missions due to heavy rain within a short period. In Ludwigshafen alone, there were 84 missions, water was pumped out of cellars and apartments, fallen trees were removed.

Many missions for firefighters

The heavy rain caused a lot of work to be done for the emergency services in Koblenz. Firefighters and police were on duty due to full basements, flooded streets and many accidents. In Bad Durkheim, emergency services increasingly moved at night due to muddy streets and flooded cellars.

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Tuesday night

Severe weather causes flooding in Stuttgart

On two highways in the Rhineland-Palatinate, there were accidents with injuries during heavy rain. On the A3 and A48 there were a total of seven accidents in the late afternoon in the Montabaur motorway police area, police announced. One person was seriously injured and three others were slightly injured. A total of 12 vehicles were involved in the accidents.

The storm also raged in Bavaria late Tuesday evening until late at night. In a very short time, there were 101 fire brigades and 25 rescue operations, as announced by the city of Würzburg. Troops removed fallen trees, secured flying parts, pumped out cellars that were filled with water, and secured flooded roads.

Several fire brigade operations are also in the far west: in Bocholt in North Rhine-Westphalia, emergency services had to go out more than 100 times after heavy rain. Many cellars had to be pumped out and trees removed from the streets.

There is no end to the storm in sight

A spokeswoman for the German Weather Service (DWD) said Tuesday morning that the storm was not over yet. Although the current storm that formed over Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria has now partially moved to the Czech Republic, the weather is still complex. There are always new storms. On Tuesday afternoon, DWD expects “new thunderstorms, sometimes strong, with a local risk of severe weather, particularly from heavy rain” in the north and later in the east as well.

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