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Play – Country Boy Frankenfels Schwarzenbach presents “The Economy of Men”

Play – Country Boy Frankenfels Schwarzenbach presents “The Economy of Men”

Sepp runs Restaurant Krone alone, which has become very run down over the years. He seems a bit lost and there is chaos in his hostel. The innkeeper lives alone and has no wife, unlike his neighbors, master baker Roland and butcher Karl. In order to keep the business going, Seb regularly organizes illegal gaming evenings with the two.

Sepp finds Roland and Karl dominated by their wives. As the condition of his hostel is getting worse, he finally decides to hire two women to start working again. Gabi and Birgitte support Sepp and are meant to bring a breath of fresh air to the company with their friendly and sporty nature. The baker and butcher's wives are jealous of the new employees. This creates a turmoil between men and women. With the appearance of police officer Erwin and health inspector Frieda, the problems faced by all the heroes become even greater. With enthusiasm, passion and drama, the rural youth theater group Frankenfels-Schwarzenbach now wants to bring this piece to the stage.

“This comedy was chosen by our theater director Alexandra Hendel,” says rural youth leader Sabrina Junos. Hindel has been a director for more than 30 years and produces plays every year. “Our oldest member Ronald Dobler has been playing in our theater for over 20 years. There are also the first recordings of the theater group from 1972,” says Jonos.

Nine members of the club will appear on stage in “Men's Economy” this year. Eight other helping hands are responsible for ensuring the piece runs smoothly. “Our rehearsals always take place on Wednesdays, and we had our first reading rehearsal in December,” says the district commander, who will take on the role of health inspector on stage.

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According to Junos, if you want to immerse yourself in a world full of humour, emotions and unforgettable characters, LJ Frankenfels-Schwarzenbach's play is the right choice.