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The Hague students perform exciting musical theatre

The Hague students perform exciting musical theatre

The Hague. With the production of 'Back on Stage', HLW Haag invites you on a journey into the vibrant world of musical theatre. Third-year students in the “Creativity: Language” major composed the piece themselves. To be seen: March 20 and 21 at Mostviertelhalle Haag.

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The complete set of the musical “Back on Stage”. (Photo: HLW Haag)

“Back on Stage” takes the audience into the atmosphere of the 90s in the small American town of White Park City. In the midst of Harrison Dance Academy's glittering dance studio, on the brink of financial collapse, a captivating story of passion, solidarity and struggle against all odds unfolds.

What happened?

Richard and his wife Grace don't know how to get out of their misery. As warnings grow, Richard is offered a promising opportunity: his dance academy must participate in the “AND – America's Next Dancer” dance competition.

But to win the academy and save it from impending doom, he must make an original presentation.

Street dance meets ballet

His son Liam has an idea that his father is not keen on: the street dancers from White Park City should develop a show with ballet dancers from the academy! Even the first rehearsals bring conflicts because it soon becomes clear who should be dancing in the first row.

Envy, resentment, and excessive ambition cause some to fall and others to rise. Will the Academy return to its old glory and big stage by making dancers dare to try new things and putting one thing at the forefront: the love of music, dance and themselves?

Do it yourself

“The return to theater is an impressive example of the creative energy and talent of our students,” explains Florian Hilberstorfer, Head of Musical Theatre. The students not only took the lead in creating the play, but also designed the stage design, prepared the graphic printed productions, handled the organization, and even took on the roles of the actors.

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Music is also provided by students. PopChor and Concert Band are from HLW Haag. “We are extremely proud of the way the students threw themselves into this project and of the commitment with which they brought every aspect of musical theater to life,” Hilberstorfer adds.

“Back on Stage” is a tribute to the magic of theater and artistic passion of HLW students.

Apart from the guessing game, guests will also be treated to mouth-watering delights.