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PlayStation 5: New firmware update with Dolby Atmos, larger SSDs, and more

PlayStation 5: New firmware update with Dolby Atmos, larger SSDs, and more

Sony has released the latest firmware update for PlayStation 5; This was previously available as a beta version and brings with it some relevant features.

Today, the PlayStation 5’s big summer update left beta and was officially released. Previously, the new firmware for the current Sony console has been in the testing phase since August, which has now been completed. PS5 users can expect more relevant new features this time around compared to the smaller firmware updates released recently.

Major firmware updates have brought major new features to the game in the past, but this time you won’t be left out either. First and foremost, PlayStation 5 now supports Dolby Atmos via HDMI. If you use speakers, TV, or other audio system with the right support, you’ll be able to enjoy your PS5 games with Dolby Atmos in the future with the right support.

Sony uses its Tempest 3D AudioTech to make sounds sound spatially via Atmos. This feature can be activated in the menu using the Sound > Audio Format option. The console’s media apps must first be updated with Atmos support, so the feature is limited to games for now.

The new firmware also provides support for larger capacity M.2 NVMe SSDs; Hard drives up to 8TB can now be connected and used on your PS5. Additional Android devices now also benefit from PS Remote Play.

Last but not least, console accessibility has been further improved. You can now use a second controller for support; If necessary, you can now use two controllers as one to play games. With the exception of the DualSense Edge, any controller can be designated as an auxiliary controller.

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Anyone with hearing loss or limited vision can now receive haptic feedback via the controller while navigating through the system interface.

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To celebrate the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, there’s also a limited edition PS5 and wireless controller.