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PlayStation 5: Sony once again promises better availability


Playstation 5

Sony promises better availability again

Even at the end of January 2023, PlayStation 5 availability is still an issue. Although gamers can now get their hands on a Sony console more easily, the PlayStation 5 is still a rarity. According to the Japanese manufacturer, this should change soon.

In the form of a news broadcast, Sony has announced several consoles that will be available in retail stores. Although the company hasn’t provided any exact numbers, every gamer who hasn’t received anything yet should now have the opportunity to get their hands on a console.

In addition, several AAA titles will be released on PlayStation 5 in 2023. Among other things, players are allowed to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2And Final Fantasy XVI Or the Forbidden Horizon West: Burning Shores. In addition, a new virtual reality headset will launch on February 22, 2023, along with PlayStation VR2. There will be more than 30 titles available at launch.

So Sony is under pressure. Due to upcoming releases, the demand will continue to increase. Especially for titles that are not exclusively available on PS5, gamers can choose Microsoft’s controller. Which the Japanese certainly want to prevent.

past concern of Sony’s console caused quite a stir with its liquid metal. TheCod3r shows a faulty controller in a YouTube video. The video shows how liquid metal ran under the seal. As a result, many gamers are now placing their PlayStation 5 horizontally. Even if the seal is defective, the liquid metal should still be in place.

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