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PlayStation 5: Sony presents the Gray Camouflage Collection

PlayStation 5

Even if Sony’s PlayStation 5 is still not available in retail stores, more than 21.7 million gamers have already managed to secure one of the coveted consoles. with chat January featured console covers Everyone can also give the PS5 an individual coat of paint.

As the Japanese company has now announced, the DualSense wireless controller and console cover will also be available in the new camouflage gray from October 14, 2022. The PS5 side panels will be available for both the Blu-ray Disc and Digital Edition version. The color-coordinated Pulse 3D wireless headset will follow in December 2022. Pre-orders are possible from September 15, 2022.

In Germany, the cover and the DualSense wireless controller in camouflage gray can be ordered exclusively via PlayStation Direct. From October 28, the covered DualSense Wireless Controller will also be available at participating retailers.

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