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Social Media: Important Interaction for HR Professionals

Social Media: Important Interaction for HR Professionals

Guest commentary by Laura Pöltl, Social Media Working Group Leader at iab austria and Director of Search and Social Media Strategy at verserve

The change in employment is clearly noticeable. New paths are being taken and the presence of social media in HR strategies is becoming increasingly greater. That’s why, at the beginning of July 2023, Mindtake surveyed 307 corporate HR managers on behalf of the Social Media Working Group of the Interactive Advertising Bureau Austria (iab) about their use of social media in relation to work.

About two-thirds of those surveyed rated social media use for topics such as recruitment or employer branding as at least high, which in turn underscores the importance of the topic. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are also popular for advertising job postings and communicating company values ​​and employer branding.

Social recruiting, the targeted approach to talent via social media, also takes place primarily on the aforementioned platforms, with Facebook leading the charge here. Most companies (72%) handle these procedures internally via their own social media accounts. Ads on social media (57 percent) and postings on third-party sites (52 percent) are used by just over half of businesses. About half of companies use up to 35% of employer branding actions for social recruiting, and less than one in ten do not use them at all. This means that social media, especially social recruiting and employer branding, is already leading the way for the future of corporate HR.

The entire study can be downloaded here The study was sponsored by About Media, Die Goldkinder Wien, and Media Brothers.

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