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Poison: Let there be an announcement of a massacre with a new trailer

Poison: Let there be an announcement of a massacre with a new trailer

After Tom Hardy Eddie Brooke discovered an acute case of a venom parasite in 2018, the crazy reporter and his sticky weird friend now face a new challenge: the Woody Harrelson Massacre. The classic Spider-Man antagonist already hinted at in Part 1 is present Poison: There must be no massacre Now directed by Andy Serkis in the spotlight and it’s up to Eddie Brock and Venom to salvage the situation. In the first trailer, Sony Pictures makes impressions from the everyday lives of Eddie and Venom and of course, first impressions of Woody Harrelson as Cletus Cassady and his fugitive parasite Carnegie.

Poison: There must be no massacre It will be shown in all cinemas on September 24, 2021.

A parasite that is difficult to train

While Venom is a traditional antagonist of Spider-Man in comics, the character has also made a name for herself over the years due to her high popularity among fans. Always a somewhat dark and not very subtle character, Venom admired humanity in his 2018 movie special, and has since begun his existence with Eddie as a kind of anti-hero duo. In the second installment of the Venom series from Sony Pictures, one of Spider-Man’s opponents meets another. Eddie Brooke meets Cletus Cassady. Black meets red, chaos meets chaos. Meets Phenom Massacre.

While the new trailer doesn’t reveal much about the plot of the upcoming movie, we do have a good impression of the difficult coexistence of Eddie and Venom, as well as the uncontrollable chaos at Carnage. This was announced by director Andy Serkis since then Poison: There must be no massacre Not part of the Marvel Connected Universe (MCU), but will clearly respect Spider-Man’s classic backgrounds of Venom and Carnage.

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Poison: There must be no massacre(C) Sony Pictures

In addition to Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock / Venom and Woody Harrelson as Cletus Cassady / Carnage, director Andy Serkis is also directing Michael Williams as Anne Weing, an impressive cast of stars. The script is based on classic Marvel Comics stories and was written by Kelly Marcel (Cruella And the PoisonWritten by Tom Hardy himself.

We’re excited to see more alien parasite actions and launches Poison: There must be no massacre Morning 24. September 2021.

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