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Police storm the Bahrain team tour hotel

Police storm the Bahrain team tour hotel

It’s the second official action in a few days – the day before the Tour de France begins. The team states that they would like to know more about the causes of police operations themselves.

Danish police forces issued one the day before the start of the Tour de France at the request of the French authorities raid Conducted at the Bahrain Victory Team Hotel. The race team announced this on Thursday. The officers searched the team members’ rooms and the team’s vehicles in the morning. Nothing was confiscated during the two-hour campaign. But the Marseille Prosecutor’s Office, which is leading the investigation, did not agree.

According to the newspaper,Le Parisien“Electronic devices (telephones, computers, storage media), as well as unknown or prescribed medicines” were confiscated during searches between 27-30 June in Italy, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia and Denmark. According to the report, Milan Erzen, Polish team doctor Piotr Koselski, French nurse Barnaby Mulan and three drivers were searched.

Would you like to get more details from the investigators?

The Bahrain team was kept out of sight in Copenhagen. “We can’t say much more than that,” sporting director Vladimir Miholjevic said on Thursday. “We would like more details from the investigators to understand the reason for these behaviours. At the moment the team is as focused as possible on racing.” The team of top competitors Damiano Caruso and Jack Hague and last year’s stage winner Matej Mohorek did not provide any further information on the events. At the team’s regular press conference before the start of the tour on Thursday afternoon, questions to Haig, Mohoric and manager Vladimir Miholjevic remained unanswered.

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At the beginning of the week, before the team left to start the Tour in Denmark, the accommodations of the drivers and supervisors were searched. Even during France’s last tour, there were searches for hotel rooms on the Bahrain team in the Pyrenees – which Hermann Bernsteiner of Lower Austria also belongs to. According to the drivers, cell phones were confiscated. It appears that the outcome of the investigation is still pending. So far, no official investigation has been opened against any driver, nor has any ban been imposed.