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Pope: "Don't be a cell phone prisoner"

Pope: “Don’t be a cell phone prisoner”

On his last stop in his voyage in the eastern Mediterranean, Francis spoke to the conscience of youth.

On his last appointment on his trip to Greece, Pope Francis spoke with young conscience. You should not be content with posting “some posts or tweets” or virtual encounters, but rather looking for real encounters and serving others, blaming Francis on Monday in front of teenagers and young adults at St. Dionysius School in Athens.

“Many people today are very ‘social’, but not very social: closed in on themselves, cell phone prisoners in their hands, the Pope complained. The screen would easily become a mirror one would think facing the world. In real life, one lives alone,” Francis said. A virtual world full of external elements, full of images processed in such a way that one always looks good and fit.” At the same time denouncing the “cult of luxury” and the “false needs of consumption.”

“big dreams”

It’s hard to get out of your comfort zone, but young people should get out and live the real life together. “Instead of starting the day in front of the mirror, why not just open your room window and enjoy all the beauty that you see?” Because looking in the mirror can also be frustrating because you may not see yourself as you would like to have it and focus on what one does not like.

“Don’t let fears paralyze you, you have big dreams!” The 84-year-old appealed to younger participants. Before God, all children are always loved, little miracles. God always forgives faith.” Francis emphasized that good and difficult decisions are always about others, not just about yourself. “Be brave over hope.

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