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May 1: Country Trip or Stay Inside?  This is what the weather will be like

May 1: Country Trip or Stay Inside? This is what the weather will be like

The warm temperatures last weekend raised the bar, so sun lovers were even more disappointed this weekend. Can the public holiday be used at least for a trip to nature or will it also – literally – fall into the water? And then what?

The choppy weather will continue into the next week, as predicted by meteorologists at Geosphere Austria on Sunday. But it will be warmer than in the past. Even if early temperatures are still in the single digits, it is possible to be over 20 degrees during the day.

May 1

In some federal states, anyone who goes on a day-long vacation abroad is lucky just to stay dry — airy hairstyles are more likely to. Because Monday starts in the west it is already overcast and raining in Vorarlberg and Tyrol. There are also some clouds in the southeast. Otherwise, the generally sunny nature of the weather predominates, with only high cloud fields present. During the day, heavier clouds continue to spread and rain intensifies in the west.

In Upper Styria and in Upper and Lower Austria the wind blows briskly from east to southeast, otherwise it remains weak to moderate. Morning temperatures range from zero to nine degrees, and daily maximum temperatures range from 13 to 22 degrees.

According to ZAMG, a friendly and sunny weather character prevails in Vienna, but during the day there are increasingly large-scale cloud fields in high layers across the sky. Wind blowing moderately, from midday often with force from the southeast. Early temperatures are around 5 degrees, and daily maximum temperatures are around 20 degrees.

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Tuesday and Wednesday cloudy

Tuesday will be cloudy and mostly cloudy all day. It will also rain heavily, mostly in the west first, then in the south, and in the afternoon in the east. The wind blows from weak to moderate speed from different directions, and in the mountains sometimes it is a fast north wind. Early temperatures range from six to eleven degrees, and during the day temperatures rise only slightly, and maximums are reached from ten to eighteen degrees.

In the northeast and east on Wednesday heavy clouds often remain throughout the day and it rains regionally at times, with a snow limit of 1500 meters above sea level, otherwise there are only local showers and during the day it fades and the sun shines more and more often times. The wind blows moderately in the east and over the eastern edge of the Alps sometimes briskly from northwest to northeast. Early temperatures are six to eleven degrees, and daily maximum temperatures are from 10 to 20 degrees, with the highest temperatures in the west and south.

The sun is towards the weekend, but not everywhere

The sun usually rises on Thursday in large parts of the country. Just to the east there are still some heavy patches of clouds, but sometimes the sun also shines here. Winds will be northwesterly to easterly, light to moderate in speed. Morning highs are 1 to 9 degrees, daily highs are 16 to 24 degrees, and it’s much warmer farther west.

On Friday, clouds will move in from the west and bring showers, and in the east and south it will be sunny and dry for a longer period of time in the afternoon. Then the risk of bathing here also increases. The wind usually blows only weakly. Morning temperatures reach five to eleven degrees, and daily maximum temperatures range from eighteen to twenty-four degrees.

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