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Pope Francis warns against “gender ideology”

Pope Francis warns against “gender ideology”

It is the “worst danger” today: the “ideology” that eliminates the differences between women and men.

Pope Francis warned against gender ideology at an audience on Friday. “It is very important that there is an encounter between men and women, because the worst danger today is gender ideology, which eliminates differences,” Francis told an audience in the Vatican.

“I have asked for studies to be conducted on this ideology of our time that eliminates differences and makes everything the same. Eliminating differences means eliminating humanity. Man and woman are in fruitful tension,” Francis said, addressing the audience.

The Pope is still suffering from mild effects of the flu, which forced him to cancel several Masses in recent days. He asked one of the employees to read the text of his speech. “I still have a cold and feel tired when I read for a while,” Francis said.

Several private audiences have been cancelled

Francis remained briefly in hospital on Wednesday. Immediately after the general audience in the Vatican Hall on Wednesday morning, he was taken to the Gemelli Clinic on the Tiber Island in Rome in his white Fiat 500. Shortly thereafter, he left the hospital by car. This was said to have been a planned examination appointment at the hospital. Last Saturday, the Vatican announced that 87-year-old Pope Francis had been infected with “mild influenza.” Several private audiences were later cancelled. (Abba)

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