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What can change for Harry and Megan when Charles is king

What can change for Harry and Megan when Charles is king

According to British media reports, palace employees are now calling for Harry and Meghan to revoke their titles. That this happened during Harry’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth II. The queen is, but she is considered unlikely. British writer and royal expert Angela Levine But she is unsure if “everything will remain the same” once her successor sits on the throne. “Prince Charles wanted to reduce the property for a long time in order to save costs and reduce the money that comes from the taxpayers,” she said. Radio talk shows. Accordingly, she can imagine that Harry and Meghan will be completely excluded from the royal family in the future.

A complete break up with “King Charles”?

So it remains to be seen to what extent Charles will one day review the royal budget – and whether one member of the royal family or the other will actually be denied the titles and privilege associated with it.

Brienz Harry And the Megan They were forced to relinquish their brand name “Sussex Royal” after withdrawing from their royal duties in Spring 2020. A spokeswoman said Harry And the Megan Damals. Harry And the Megan The Sussex Royal brand entered in 2019 after its family split from the family of Harry’s older brother Prince William And his wife Kate was established. They used the name of the now closed Instagram account and registered it as a brand name for various products.

Harry’s pain is said to be greater than losing the brand name When he finally retired from the royal family and his army title I had to give up. The couple also lost their reign, after it became official in March after a one-year “reflection period” in which they were no longer both members of the working royal family.

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Titles too Since the so-called “Megxit”, they are no longer permitted to use “His Royal Highness” – even if they are still de facto wearing them. According to the British tabloid newspaper the sun, Which contains a copy of the birthdate of Harry and Meghan’s son, Archie, the two are on the document as “Her Royal Highness, Duchess of Sussex” and His Royal Highness Prince Henry Charles Albert David, Duke of Sussex Quote.