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Popular mode requires a new USK rating

Popular mode requires a new USK rating

In this year’s edition of the soccer simulator from EA Games, the title will not only be new. The fact that the name deviates from the FIFA brand, which has been successful for about a quarter of a century, and in EA Sports FC It will be renamed was evident for a long time. It has also now been announced that the game will not be released for all age groups.

So far the game is rated 0 – why not? After all, there is no bloody shooting, no bad language, and no sexual content here. Movements felt the decision of one or another ruling on the verge of legality. one for years as well Popular as the mode blasted In-game and changing testing criteria are responsible for EA Sports FC earning a higher USK rating.

EA Sports FC 24: Ultimate Team mode requires modification

Starting this year, there should be certain game content like loot boxes or in-game racers Tighter control Theme. These mechanics have been present in the FIFA series for years as well as in the new sequel EA Sports FC 24. In Ultimate Team mode, players create their own individual team of soccer players, which they are supplied with from virtual trading card packs.

It can also be purchased with in-game currency, which is earned through successful games, but also with real money. There is also no guarantee that there will be good players in these packages with high investment amounts. There is a huge work behind it, which FIFA players and streamers have been involved in Five-digit amounts invest.

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So the latest soccer simulator from EA Games will be one uSK-12– Get a rating, which can also be seen on the order pages of the game. It is justified specifically by the in-game purchases and randomly distributed objects, as well as the pressure to work – which is shaped by the countdown in virtual auction houses – and the current chats and voice conversations.

The successor to FIFA 23 will be released onSept. 29 It features over 19,000 players from 700 teams and 30 leagues, including the men’s and women’s champions league. More information about EA Sports FC 24 can be found here.